Friday, October 30, 2009

Where's the Press?

Yesterday's multi-college rally at Balboa Park received scant attention from the local San Diego media. Here are a couple of notable exceptions:

Channel 8: Protesters rally in Balboa Park against cuts in education
(includes video! Look for SWC folks in yellow shirts towards the end)

The Writer's Washroom: Professors and Students Rally, March, and Protest in the Street

Thanks, Channel 8 and Nickolas Furr!

Apparently anti-education San Diego Union-Tribune was mum on the protest. You can, however, read about gourds at that fine publication.


  1. I found it very interesting that in this morning's edition of the San Diego Union there was absolutely no mention of yesterday's protest march. I guess the Union has taken the position that if we don't report anything that might prove our editorial policy wrong then it remains right. With the hiring of a new reporter to cover education subjects I had hoped we would see more than rewritten District press releases in the Union, and with the new reporter's first story I got my hopes up only to be disappointed. I would be curious to know how many additional stories she has written that just didn't make it into the paper.

  2. There are some good members in the Tribune. However, Fox does own it. How sad, no "truth diggers" there.

  3. This is the danger of the disappearing media - no coverage of vital issues, espcially local and regional issues.