Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's Some Press!

La Prensa San Diego says, "Southwestern College community wants answers!"

Previously firmly in Raj K. Chopra's court and supportive of both him and the Governing Board, La Prensa has taken a second look in the wake of recent events. In this editorial, La Prensa sums up current community opinion:
"For those at the college who have been outspoken opponents of the Superintendent, this only confirms their charges that Dr. Chopra's management style is autocratic. For those who have supported Dr. Chopra, this situation has put them into a very uncomfortable position. For those who have taken a wait and see attitude toward this administration, they have seen enough and are no longer in support of the management style of Dr. Chopra. And this has cast a dark shadow over the school board."
Read the entire article at La Prensa San Diego: Southwestern College community wants answers!

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