Friday, October 23, 2009

SWC Teacher Suspensions Update

We still have no details on the justification for the suspensions, though the district denies that participation in the student rally played a role.

One faculty member, Janet Mazzarella, has been cleared to return to work on Monday. The other three remain suspended.

UPDATED: SWC President Raj K. Chopra is on vacation for three weeks, effective today. He was present to sign the orders of Withdrawal of Consent (to access the campus).

Human Resources Director Jackie Osborne (who helped serve the suspension notices) is also on vacation effective today.

San Diego Union-Tribune article
addressing the suspensions.


  1. So what happens now? What are we we going to do about this? Are we waiting to hear from CTA?

    Our campus needs to know NOW.

  2. We're spreading your news on our college blog:

    Good luck~~~~