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25% Class Cuts, or . . .

Academic Senate Reorganization Input / Suggestions (06/18/09)

With input from the campus community, the following budget and reorganization suggestions were presented by the Academic Senate in Spring and Summer 2009. Highlights, in red, were inserted in June as priorities that have budget implications.

Campus reorganization must be reviewed by all constituents. Several academic programs have been moved multiple times over the last 5 years. Collegial consultation prior to change is required by 10 + 1 agreements. Allow sufficient time for input on reorganization.

Legend: A = Cost Effective; B = Organizational Effectiveness; C = Campus Culture/Climate


In Agreement – 6/15/09 Memo

  1. Reduce the number of deans and keep the department chairs (A,B,C)
  2. Combine Vice Presidents for Human Resource and Financial/Business (A,B) (estimated savings of $160,000 dollars)
  3. Place moratorium on new administration positions (eliminate Instruction, Research) (A,B) (Cost savings of approximately $500,000 to $1 million)
  4. Put online and Continuing Education under existing schools (A,B)
  5. Eliminate center administrators, one dean over 3 centers, with either a supervisor or director (A,B,C)
  6. Establish Research Office (A,B,C)
  7. Place Accreditation under Research (A,B)
  8. Limit outside contractors/consultants (A,B,C)
  9. Replace Keenan & Associates with more cost effective consultant (A,B,C)
  10. Academic Senate be relocated under Superintendent/President as per Title 5 (B,C)
  11. Improve HR efficiency in hiring, evaluate advertising timelines and locations (A,B,C)
  12. Eliminate unnecessary supervisors and directors have one or the other. (A,B,C)
  13. Eliminate the $1.7 million in this year’s tentative budget for PT/OL since the college reduced the course offerings in the last two years (A)
  14. Concessions money from events need to go into the general fund. (A)
  15. Maintain Board reserves at 4% instead of the proposed increase (A)


June 15, 2009 Budget Recommendation Memo)

Pg. 1, Nos. 9, 19

Pg. 2, Nos. 34, 43, 47


1. Conduct a Cost analysis of centers and close those at a deficit (A,B,C)

2. Rent center space (A,B,C)

3. Return support staff to CV campus (A)

4. Evaluate FTE by credit and non-credit to centers. Use data to plan and project. (A,C)

5. Reduce number of deans, have one dean to cover all three centers, either one supervisor or director at each, not both (A,B,C)


1. Reduce number of schools, consolidate programs on the CV campus (A,B,C)

2. Increase online offerings to maintain a competitive edge (A,B)

3. Obtain outside funding (A)

4. Condensed 4 day work week (A) (last estimated between $1 million to $2 million savings)

Employee Relations

1. Offer Retirement incentives (A) – our last Golden handshake incentive offered by the district, saved an estimated $2 million at the time

2. VPAA:

a) needs to participate more in curriculum and instruction, i.e., CC, APR, SLO (B,C)

b) needs to advocate for faculty and academic issues, such as: (B,C)

• Support faculty coordinators overseeing academic areas, i.e. tenure review, curriculum committee, and SLOs

• Support Faculty leaders in off-campus professional development activities

4. Send out electronic weekly campus bulletin and post on campus website (B,C)

5. Analyze and go paperless wherever possible (A)

6. Increase public information via SWC website and other media outlets (B,C)

7. Improve communication between all constituencies (C)

a. Joint communiqu├ęs between District and Academic Senate (C)

b. Inform and collaborate before decisions are made (C)

c. Adopt Google Calendar (C)

8. Value our employees and showcase those who do extraordinary things. (C)

a. Solicit cost saving suggestions and reward them, i.e., a $5 Starbucks card, bookstore certificate (C)

Pg. 1, No. 11

Pg. 4, No. 80

Pg. 15, No. 295


  1. Utilize corner lot for portable classrooms (A)
  2. Fundraise, i.e., Foundation could sell brick pavers for any construction or remodel (A)
  3. Make Technology purchases to keep infrastructure up to par (A,B,C)
  1. Re-evaluate technology replacement plan and timelines for faculty and staff (B)
  2. Obtain input from faculty for curriculum and instructional use as well as equipment lease agreements (A,B,C)
  1. Reduce evening hours in the Cesar Chavez building to two nights per week (A)

Pg. 5, Nos. 115, 116, 118

Pg. 6, No. 125

Pg. 7, Nos. 155, 160

Pg. 8, Nos. 173, 174, 175, 177, 178

Pg. 8, Nos. 182, 187, 197, 198, 199

Pg. 10, Nos. 200, 205

Pg. 12, No. 230

Legend: A = Cost Effective; B = Organizational Effectiveness; C = Campus Culture/Climate

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