Friday, October 16, 2009

SWC Governing Board Meeting Protest

It was SRO (Standing Room Outside) at Wednesday night's much-anticipated board meeting

Despite numerous appeals from staff, students, and community members to relocate the meeting to a larger venue on campus, President Raj Chopra and Governing Board members chose to keep the meeting in tiny Room 214, seating capacity 85.

As a result, most of those attending this "public" meeting were left standing outside, straining to hear the proceedings over a pair of small speakers as the news media looked on.

For almost two hours, a steady stream of both full- and part-time faculty, students, and community members stepped to the microphone, pleading for the Governing Board to reject Chopra's planned elimination of 25% of course sections for the coming Spring 2010 semester. The Board was unmoved.

We hope to have text of the speeches posted soon.

In the meantime view these two segments from Channel 8 News:

Southwestern College cuts classes and teachers

Protest of big class cuts at Southwestern College

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    Channel 10 also did a piece: