Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Supensions in the News

Here is a partial listing of the news outlets, blogs, and other sources that have picked up the story:

Numerous other sites, like The Center for Campus Free Speech and Student Activism, are also reposting articles and getting the word out.


  1. The Cener For Campus Free Speech exists to provide support to students and faculty facing attacks on their free speech and academic freedom.

    I am very interested in speaking with any interested students or faculty about how we could be of assistance.

    You can contact me at adam@campusspeech.org

  2. This is from Southwestern College's website bio on Chopra. Does it mean he never taught in the the United States?

    "Born and raised in India, Chopra received his bachelor’s degree at Punjab University and his teacher education training at Madras University in India. Having migrated to the United States in 1969, Chopra pursued his studies at Bowling Green University in Ohio where he received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees. His teaching career was launched at the American Embassy School in India. Thereafter, he received a Doctoral Fellowship at Bowling State University and then moved into several administrative posts in Ohio before assuming his first superintendent position in 1976."

    Why would you hire someone with no teaching experience in the United States to run a college in the United States?