Friday, October 2, 2009

4. Statewide Shared Governance Anniversary Release, Fall 2008

Faculty participate in a celebration of landmark legislation – AB 1725

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—November 10, 2008—The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges held its 40th annual Fall Plenary Session, November 6-8, 2008, at the Los Angeles Westin Bonaventure. Over the course of three days, faculty, staff, student leaders, and administrators attended workshops, listened to minimum qualifications testimony, and voted on 35 separate resolutions.

In recognition of the passage of the landmark legislation commonly known as the community college reform act, the 2008 Fall Plenary Session’s theme was, “Celebrating Participatory Governance: Twenty Years After AB 1725.” This bill, passed in 1988, legislated authority and responsibilities for local senates of California community colleges, power that even twenty years later does not exist in any other community college system in the nation.

The Senate’s Executive Committee and its standing committees offered over 30 separate workshops for the nearly 300 Session attendees along with four general sessions including such keynote presenters as California Community College Vice Chancellor Patrick Perry, Barstow’s Institutional Researcher Robert Pacheco, FACCC Executive Director Jonathan Lightman, former Statewide Academic Senate President Norbert Bischof, and leaders in the Umoja Community. Topics ranged from Accreditation to Title 5 changes, and provided the most current, topical insight into important issues facing faculty in California.

Comments from the attendees praised the Senate for the organization and information provided.

“I’ve attend many plenary sessions and this is one of the best the Senate has ever held.”

“Gave many ideas to help me understand what faculty and senates can do.”

“Informed me of a topic I wasn’t that familiar with from the perspective of those involved in the process.”

“Breakouts provided examples of how other campuses deal with problems.”

“Made me more aware of what support is available for our senate from the State Senate”

“Presenters were clear, relevant and interesting.”

“Expanded my knowledge of the world view beyond my view”

At the Fall Plenary Session, faculty from across the state listened to and participated in debates on all 35 resolutions, embodying the kind of healthy discourse that the Academic Senate advocates. The resolutions will soon be posted on the Academic Senate’s website at

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges fosters the effective participation by community college faculty in all statewide and local academic and professional matters; develops, promotes, and acts upon policies responding to statewide concerns; and serves as the official voice of the faculty of California Community Colleges in academic and professional matters. The Academic Senate strengthens and supports the local senates of all California community colleges.

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