Saturday, October 24, 2009

Please Help Promote Save Our Southwestern College

We have created printable window signs (suitable for office or rear car window display).

To print, choose color or greyscale from the links below.

Change the orientation to "landscape" and delete any margins in Page Set-up. Print (on normal or high quality setting) and fold over. Display.

Color Window Sign

Greyscale Window Sign


  1. Defamed again! The district is calling the professors "individuals" in a media report and saying that these individuals refused a hearing and that THEY'RE trying to resolve so that they can be back on campus this week.
    How gracious and generous they are to these individuals.

  2. Excerpt taken from FIRE issue, FIRE's Work Continues Following Successful Tenth Anniversary Celebration, Oct. 30, 2009

    "While we were excited to announce the dismantling of the free speech zones at the University of North Texas (covered here at, we were aghast at the shunting aside of First Amendment rights at Southwestern College in California, where three professors remain suspended for their roles in leading a peaceful protest against school budget cuts."

  3. Fire Intervenes in Case of Professors Suspended at California's Southwestern College for Assemb;y Outside of the 'Free Speech Patio"

    Read article & open letter to R. Chopra.