Monday, November 2, 2009

"When Is a Suspension not a Suspension?"

Inside Higher Ed weighs in on this question:

Officials at Southwestern College, a community college outside San Diego, moved Friday to explain why three faculty members have been barred from teaching or stepping foot on the campus for more than a week, but the answers aren't quelling faculty anger.

Good overview of the issue so far, with updated info. And the article cites Save Our Southwestern College too!


  1. I've put up a new post about today's memo from the administration:

  2. Why don't we all just round up fellow students and march into the chancellors office. He is above Chopra so he is the next best thing. Everyone could explain themselves and stop the insanity. So that we can all finish college in peace.

  3. Hear, hear! I feel like we're in a Twighlight Zone episode, or back the Bush years! I second the motion to round up students and march down the chanellor's office.