Thursday, November 5, 2009

Suspended Instructors Return, and Faculty, Staff, and Students Rally

Raising signs, waving U.S. flags, and chanting, "Cut Chopra, Not Classes," members of the college community took to . . . the sidewalk today
(not the street--it's illegal; not even the dust of campus property--it's illegal) as passing motorists showed their support with honked horns and thumbs up.

Attending the rally were three of the suspended faculty:

Janet Mazzarella (on the right), former SCEA (faculty union) president, who was suspended Thursday night but allowed to return to work on Monday.

Philip Lopez (center), current president of SCEA, who returned just today

and Andrew Rempt, also returning today.

Dinorah Guadiana-Costa, also suspended, was happily in class at the time of the rally but still there in spirit.

Please see our student paper, the Southwestern College Sun for in-depth coverage on the suspensions, the events leading up to them, and details on current campus climate.

And BIG thanks to both FIRE and the Huffington Post for the coverage and support! We are battling in our little corner, often wondering if any of it makes a difference. You have shown that it does.

Here are a few more photos:


  1. Keep up the good fight!

    Resistance DOES make a difference.

    ~your friends in the SOCCCD

  2. OK, so what's this DA stuff all about? Is the administration going to pursue that? If so, who is the target? Is the CTA/CCA on the case? What do the trustees thinks of all this bad press? If this DA thing is pursued, the bad press will get worse. Are morons running your district? Is there a head moron? Where's Chopra? How can it be defended that he remains on vacation? I guess it's great that The Three have been allowed to return to campus. but how is the district going to square that with pursuing this DA thing? Gosh, so many questions, so few answers. --A 100 Miles Up the Road

  3. Whoa! The Huffington Post? Pretty cool!

    Any video from the spanish-language channel that was there?

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, uber-tireless, dedicated, and passionate builders and maintainers of this blog. We would be sorely uninformed and our coverage would be rather limited without it!
    A Devoted Fan

  5. I am a re-entry student who worked the private sector for 20 years. I was laid off from my corporate job in the summer and decided to return to school to learn a new career. This fall I have experienced dedicated instructors that have imparted their knowledge and passion. What I also have experienced was not something I signed up for: incompetency, bureaucratic nonsense, lunacy and lies.

    The SWC Mission statement indicates SWC is committed to meeting the educational goals of its students in an environment that promotes intellectual growth and develops human potential.

    Chopra, for the record, the mission statement is not living up to its’ potential. Perhaps you should re-write it.

    Something along the lines of SWC is committed to meeting the educational goals of its students, as long as the students don’t actually want specific classes, instructors or wish to graduate in a timely manner. The environment promotes intellectual growth and logical thinking as long as it is done after you graduate and are not on school property. Human potential will be developed through a variety of means. One of the most effective could be “How you should react, when your favorite professor comes up missing in the middle of your semester?” And as an added bonus, during the 2010 spring semester SWC offers intimidation and militia fear tactics as a learning tool for leadership.
    Susan - Student