Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Want Answers NOW!

The SWC administration is playing its cards very close to the chest, but here's what we currently know regarding the suspended teachers:

The college has referred the case to the San Diego County District Attorney. An online case search suggests that a case number has not yet been assigned, so we have no further information.

Yesterday, the college issued the following memo:

We would like to provide you with a brief update. The district had scheduled hearings at the request of three individuals currently on paid administrative leave to consider ending withdrawal of consent to be on campus. Those individuals have withdrawn their request for hearings. Therefore, the hearings have been cancelled. The Human Resources Department is diligently moving to conclude the investigation on this matter in the hopes that it can be resolved and that the three individuals may be returned to campus this week.

We are unable to answer any questions with regard to this matter at this time.

The memo indicates it is from the office of SWC Community and Media Relations, but gives no further indication of who "we" are. It does not mention the referral to the DA and that the referral is why the hearing request was withdrawn. It does not explain why an investigation is still continuing, nor does it explain why HR only "hopes" the individuals can return to work this week when the withdrawal-of-consent issued under California Penal Code Section 626.4 expires on Thursday anyway.

So we want answers.

We want to know who referred the case to the DA. If it's Chopra, ostensibly on vacation, why hasn't he come forward to speak to these concerns? Who is responsible for this latest action?

We want to know the basis for referring the case. Is the district recommending criminal charges? On what grounds? And what are the charges?

We want to know what HR is still investigating. One witness after another has come forward and stated that there was no incitement, no disregard of police officers or physical confrontation. Why isn't HR listening?

We want to know why the college is wasting valuable resources pursuing what increasingly appears to be a vanity case catering to Chopra's ego.

We want to know why the Governing Board hasn't called a special meeting to address these questions.

We want to know when the community is going to hold Chopra, the Governing Board, and other college "leadership" accountable for their actions.


  1. All I can think is, WTF? Why is this being referred to the DA? These are respected college professors! This time they have gone to far! We need to make our voices heard, and they need to know that they cannot treat our professors like this. This is a college campus, not some third-world dictatorship. WE NEED TO RALLY AGAINST THIS NOW - WE DESERVE ANSWERS!

  2. My sympathies from the South Orange County Community College District. You guys are going to win Most Dysfunctional District _and_ Craziest Chancellor this year; I had though we'd locked it up ourselves indefinitely, but apparently not.

  3. SWC is a community college---emphasis on community. As strong as the concerned, outraged voices eminating from our District employees and students may be, the greatest, most powerful voices are those of our community members--especially those of you who vote. If you are a member of the community, please lend your voice to this blog. Please join us at a rally. Please e-mail your concerns to the SWC Board of Trustees. Please attend the next Board meeting on November 18th. Please vote for a change of representation on the Board in the next election. This is your college...you have an important stake in everything that goes on: the good, the bad and the unconstitutional!
    Tenured Faculty Member

  4. I am a re-entry student who worked the private sector for 20 years. I was laid off from my corporate job in the summer and decided to return to school to learn a new career. This fall I have experienced dedicated instructors that have imparted their knowledge and passion. What I also have experienced was not something I signed up for: incompetency, bureaucratic nonsense, lunacy and lies.

    The SWC Mission statement indicates SWC is committed to meeting the educational goals of its students in an environment that promotes intellectual growth and develops human potential.

    Chopra, for the record, the mission statement is not living up to its’ potential. Perhaps you should re-write it.

    Something along the lines of SWC is committed to meeting the educational goals of its students, as long as the students don’t actually want specific classes, instructors or wish to graduate in a timely manner. The environment promotes intellectual growth and logical thinking as long as it is done after you graduate and are not on school property. Human potential will be developed through a variety of means. One of the most effective could be “How you should react, when your favorite professor comes up missing in the middle of your semester?” And as an added bonus, during the 2010 spring semester SWC offers intimidation and militia fear tactics as a learning tool for leadership.
    Susan - Student