Sunday, November 8, 2009

And Now for the Musical Portion of Our Program

It had to happen: Chopra now has a song.

Local rapper Tweeker has just posted a piece called "chopras down fall update" on his myspace page (

Laid over a track recorded at last Thursday's rally, the rap begins and closes with ambient street noise punctuated by honking horns and protesters chanting, "Cut Chopra, not classes!"

In between, Tweeker shares his message to Chopra. Give it a listen.


  1. Can I say fucking awesome? Loved it - Protesting in multimedia, that's what SWC's about, bitches!

  2. what I see is our first amendments rights put ACTUALLY put into work. Im actually making posters in the sign room because Im artisticlly inclined to get this message across to everyone

    especially since I am risking neck and limb because of the set "rules" *wink wink* with making signs at SWC

  3. sorry for the typo being put ACTUALLY into work**