Friday, November 13, 2009

SWC Drops Case Against Suspended Profs Shortly Before Free Speech Protest

At 9:44 am this morning, Acting Superintendent/President Nicholas Alioto issued
a message addressed to "the college community," informing us that the District has decided not to pursue criminal charges against Dinorah Guadiana-Costa, Philip Lopez, and Andrew Rempt. In the message, sent to college employees globally via email, Alioto wrote,
"in consultation with the College Police Department, . . . administration has demonstrated its desire to move forward together and the College Police have agreed to discontinue the investigation."
The email came out roughly an hour and fifteen minutes before the start of a Free Speech Rally scheduled to begin at 11:00 am.

Rempt, Lopez, and Guadiana-Costa

The protest continued as planned, and featured speakers included Rep. Bob Filner, CCA (California Community College Association) President Ron N. Reel, ACLU lawyer Sean Riordan, and Governing Board member Nick Aguilar. (Aguilar cast the lone dissenting vote when the Board declined to address Chopra's class cuts at last month's board meeting.)

Rep. Bob Filner

CCA President Ron Reel (on left)

ACLU's Sean Riordan

SWC Trustree Nick Aguilar

The well-attended rally was marred only by the district's refusal to allow those speaking to use a microphone because the rally fell outside the college's sanctioned "free speech" hours of 11 am-noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Nevertheless, the crowd's chant of "Chop from the Top!" was no doubt loud enough to be heard by Chopra, wherever he is. The vacationing president is expected to return to campus this coming Monday, two days before the next Board meeting.

Meanwhile, no word yet on how the recent turn of events will affect the letters of reprimand placed in the three professors' files.

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  1. they filmed it ?????

  2. look at that college cop man, he thinks he's protecting the college?!?!?! i can't believe this, its outrageous

  3. wow i feel more intimidated and scared then ever before who knows whats hes going to be doing with that video

  4. Don't feel intimidated. Let's do something about it!