Saturday, March 2, 2013

SWC Union Message

Southwestern College Education Association
SWC Administrative Mismanagement
 No More Salary Cuts…No More Lay-offs
Spring 2013

1. Massive cuts to classes cause severe disruption to student education.

2. Cuts to salary and threats of layoffs are destroying our workforce.

3. Only college in CA threatening lay-offs & only college in SD to take pay cuts.

4. Overreacts with budget despite passage of Prop 30.

5. Ignores obligation to make public accurate and useful budget information.

6. Endangers our Accreditation AGAIN by lack of transparency in budget planning.

Provide Public Accountability

→  Put Students and Instruction First
  Find Budget Solutions as Other Colleges Have
→  Use the College Budget Committee for Planning

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  1. So this means things did not go well in negotiations yesterday?