Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations, and an Open Letter to Terri Valladolid

First, let us congratulate the challengers: Norma Hernandez, Tim Nader, and Jesseca Saenz-Gonzalez. All three of you worked tirelessly to run solid, honest campaigns. The results showed at the polls with wins for Norma and Tim and a very close second for Jesseca.

Jesseca's loss may actually be the biggest win of the contest. Everyone said it couldn't be done. They said the Valladolid camp is too strong and well-connected. They said Terri was a slam-dunk with the Democratic endorsement. Well, Jesseca proved them wrong. Terri may have won by a couple percentage points, but Jesseca accomplished something even more important: she showed us that influence and money aren't everything and that voters really do want to hear the truth. She showed us that there are no more excuses for not getting involved. She showed us there is always hope. Thank you, Jesseca!

Of course, now the really hard work of getting the college back on track begins, and we couldn't be more excited to get started.

Toward that end, an open letter to Terri Valladolid:


Congratulations on your win. Despite all that has passed, we do value your intelligence, and we trust that you do have the best interests of the college at heart.

This election process has been an education for all of us, and we're sure that is true of you as well.

We hope that along the way, your eyes have been opened to the reality of issues plaguing district management. We hope that you have recognized the level of community dissatisfaction with recent college governance. And we hope this new perspective will enable us to work together to restore the college's vision, integrity, and excellence.

Terri, please join us and help Save Our Southwestern College.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~Margaret Mead


  1. I think this open letter to Tere sets exactly the right tone.

    I'm not sure how you spell it, but Schadenfreude--a delight in someone's misfortune--is absolutely the worst kind of karma. And it doesn't matter if their bad fortune is well-deserved.

    I'm going to keep that in mind if and when I run into Chopra or Alioto or Bender. They've already generated their own bad karma. The fact that some chickens are probably gonna come home to roost doesn't require that I crow about it.

    --P. Lopez

  2. Well, actions certainly do speak louder than words. If Ms. Valladolid really cares about her political future (not to mention the College she is sworn to support)she will NOT support any effort to give Chopra a sweet parachute good-bye gift at tonight's special meeting. Eyes are on YOU, Teresa Valladolid! This is your opportunity to show some backbone and character.

  3. And it appears Terri did. We have no doubt that Let's Make a Deal Salcido wanted to leave us with a lovely parting gift. But she couldn't get a majority to play. A big thank you to the board members who stood firm!

  4. Here is a thought: Yolanda garnered more than $100K in her campaign coffers, mostly from developers. Terri did not fall far behind. Whatever they have left, they should give BACK to the Foundation. By law, they are not supposed to use it for personal purposes.

  5. Actually, Yoli took in $125,099 through November 1, which includes a 'late contribution report'.
    Her expenditure report of October 16 shows expenses of $49,076 to that date. So, it looks like she may have AS MUCH AS $75,000 left over to 'return' to the College via SWC Foundation. What a great and glorious, selfless, gesture that would be.