Sunday, October 17, 2010

Street Talkin': Some Examples

We've been talking about using our cars' rear windows to get the message out, and here are a couple more examples.

For both, a "glass pen" (available at KMart in the stationery section) was used on the outside of the window.
The results will be water resistant but still washable.

In case you missed our previous updates, you can also look for glass pens (or "glass chalk") at auto stores, hobby shops, and craft supplies.

Also, if you're going old school per our original instructions, a couple of suggestions are 1) add a small amount of liquid dish soap to the tempera to prevent flaking and 2) apply a light coat of hair spray to the window before and after painting.

Please send your photos to, and we'll post them with our next update!


  1. This is great. I need a bigger rear window!

  2. Positive graffiti