Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thunder, Lightning, and the Sun Is Out!

Not to be silenced by an oppressive administration, The Southwestern College Sun releases an independent issue of the newspaper today. Read more at The Sun Goes to Press!

Also on the illumination menu today is the Governing Board Candidate Forum, on campus tonight. See our previous post
for details.

Come out of the dark; see the light. Save Our Southwestern College.


  1. The cowardly incumbents failed to show for tonight's forum--what a surprise! The public deserves better, much better. Vote Nader, Hernandez, and Saenz-Gonzalez for SWC Board!

  2. The paper was amazing! Please read among all others, articles by Albert Fulcher and Angela Van Ostran. I am so proud to serve an institution like SWC. Let's vote to get it back!

  3. The Sun online:

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    Sun Staff Editorial:; en español:

    Angela Van Ostran:

    Albert Fulcher: