Thursday, August 12, 2010

SWC in the News, Again

In the San Diego Reader, "Southwestern Suitors" points out some thought-provoking relationships between campaign contributors to Governing Board incumbents Terri Valladolid and Yolanda Salcido.

As the November 2010 election looms, contractors, architects, landscapers, and other folk who have absolutely nothing to do with education (beyond vying for taxpayers' dollars) have been lining up to line the campaign coffers of Valladolid and Salcido.

With Proposition R monies on the table (to the tune of $389 million), it's no wonder the construction industry has come a-courtin'.

And, to be honest, it's not surprising that Valladolid and Salcido would sit up and listen. Those are some big bucks talking.

It's dismaying, however, to realize that this is what community college governance has come to: a group of insiders, mutually profiteering off each others' endeavors.

We don't think that's what education should be about.

What do you think?

Please read the article and post your (thoughtful!) comments.

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  1. Susan does it again with integrity and facts. And I'm certain she is not finished. Chopra and company, be very afraid. You have all been blinded by power and wealth at the expense of working family children making every effort to get ahead. You have been profiting and usurping their right to an education. But you have finally been exposed. It's almost laughable how quickly one of your lackies responded to Susan. You did it by attacking her, attacking Norma Hernandez, and by attacking teachers. You DID NOT address the point she was made because you can't, because Susan is right.