Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Board Meeting Tonight!

A Work InterruptedPresentations include faculty awards:

Professional Leadership: Max Branscomb
Teaching Excellence: Jackie Thomas
Adjunct Faculty: Henry Aronson

Come celebrate SWC's best and brightest!

Then stay for what is sure to be a creative budget presentation from Nick Alioto.

The public portion of the meeting begins at 7 pm, Rm 214 on the main campus.

Meeting agenda


  1. This is a very interesting agenda (3/10/10) because it contains the audit report ending 6/30/09, and is highly critical of the DISTRICT's practices in many areas. Please note the attention to The Sun on pp 77-79. The Sun is not a 'club' as noted, it is a co-curricular instructional activity.
    I also note that the agenda has an item to dissolve the Governing Board Budget Committee. Hmmmmm.
    Further, item 10C shows an after-the-fact approval to hire Alvey Communications for the period 2/4/10-3/5/10 for up to $2,999. No enclosure so it is not possible to tell what the scope of work was. If this is the same person who agreed to an appointment on the CV City Council with the caveat that he not run for the open seat and then 'changed his mind', this is a troubling expense of District funds. What was Alvey Communications supposed to do in one month...fill in for the PIO who was RIFFED last year? Anyone ever see him on campus? What did he do for up to $3,000 of public funds?

  2. In reply to Anon 10:08:

    At tonight's GB meeting, the Sun was being presented as a "program," which to my understanding is a specifically academic set of courses listed in the catalog. I'm fairly certain that the Sun doesn't appear in the catalog.

    Where did you find the audit report? There was also much discussion tonight of what "randomly selected" really means.

  3. The Sun production class is one of the classes in the journalism is called "newspaper production" or something like that. However, it is a regular credit class and part of an instructional program and as such, should not be labeled a 'club'. It is like the other co-curricular classes (speech/forensics team, for example)in that it has a production or performance element.
    The budget report was an enclosure/attachment to the agenda and follows at the end of the online agenda.

  4. This is an incredible site to keep the news flowing, especially that the San Diego Union-Tribune has abdicated its responsibility for ANY reporting about SWC, let along fair and balanced news stories. For those of us who have no other source of updates, the site is quite useful.
    By the way, has anyone seen that there is a special meeting of the board TONIGHT to evaluate the sup/pres? 6 p.m. in President's Conf Room.